What is Railcruising?

RailCruising is the new tourist activity that allows people just like you the ability to travel along railway lines in your own powered self-drive, 4-seat railway vehicle called the RailCruiser.


How does RailCruising work?

Groups of RailCruisers spaced apart, travel 10km together in one direction from Mamaku Railway Station to Tarukenga Railway Station.  At Tarukenga the Rail Cruisers are then turned and head back to Mamaku.

Cruising along at 20km/hr, you can listen to the audio tour and discover a unique piece of New Zealand railway history. This is the ultimate way to experience a railway.

The RailCruiser

The RailCruiser V3000 is the world’s first fully automated, state of the art petrol-electric four seat self-drive hybrid rail vehicle. The RailCruiser has comfortable seats with unobstructed views, is fitted with clear drop down waterproof sides and comes with onboard heating.

The RailCruising experience

Not many people are lucky enough to have ridden in the cab of a locomotive, but its this the kind of unique experience that inspired RailCruising, it’s the freedom of being in your own RailCruiser with nothing ahead but the unobstructed curve of the rail stretching out into the distance and the clickety clack of the rail beneath you. 



RailCruising is very safe; an onboard computer controls the speed of the RailCruiser. At certain places along the track the RailCruisers automatically reduce or increase in speed.
Each RailCruiser is equipped with a system that ensures that should a RailCruiser ahead on the track stop then the following RailCruisers will automatically stop 5 metres apart.

Prior to the start of each excursion a Rail Guide undertakes with all customers a trip safety briefing. In the briefing the customers have explained important safety requirements and given a brief overview of how the RailCruiser excursion will operate.

Each RailCruiser group of passengers is required to elect of one of their group to act as the RailCruiser driver. It is the RailCruiser driver's job to if required communicate with the Rail Guide on the radiotelephone, apply the brake in an emergency and activate the horn if needed.

Every aspect of the operation is covered by the company’s Safety System, which is approved by the railway regulating body in New Zealand, the New Zealand Transport Agency.

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